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I love how I can save all my stuff

Me likey!!

Just got this app after searching for an app to create mock ups on my phone. This is the first app I came to. I took it for a test spin with some simple text and a picture and it does exactly what it says it'll do. I love that there is a gallery to save my concepts to. I didn't have any issues with it crashing or not opening. I do have one suggestion, is there anyway to upload your own garments or could you look into to adding tank tops, hats and hoodies as they are commonly worn clothing items. Thanks for the app! K.Toon Letmeink.com


Every time I try to finish a project this app CRASHES and the super frustrating!


Don't waster your time on this. Remember... You don't get time back.


I think I'm going to like this app . I just wish I do and I wonder why there's no ratings on it💭📝❓⁉️

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